XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) will focus on seamless collaboration between academic staff, students, industry, government and the wider community, with the long-term aim of fostering the development of a modern, entrepreneurial and sustainable society.

Located in the Taicang High-Tech Development Zone, north-east of Suzhou, the planning and operation of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) will build upon the educational philosophy of Syntegrative Education, to help prepare future leaders for challenges from disruptive technology, rapid innovation and shifting market demand. target=”_blank”

Click here to download the Taicang campus guidebook.


Theme: Syntegration & Symbiosis

Vision: Become a cradle of elites for new industries, and a model of University of the Future


  • Cultivate elites and leaders for new industries
  • Facilitate the development of new technology for industries, explore the development pattern of new industries, and lead on the growth of industries in a healthy manner
  • Explore an innovative educational model and supportive system for high-end applied talents
  • Seek for a solution for University and Campus of the Future

Click here to download the Taicang brochure.

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