Suzhou is a beautiful and ancient city that combines a 2,500-year-old history with a drive to become one of the most modern cities in China. It is among the first to be added to the lists of “National Famous Cultural and Historical Cities” and “National Ecological Garden Cities” in China. It is the world’s first “Model City of World Heritage” and has won the title of “the City of Craft and Folk Art”. Suzhou has a population of 13 million and a GDP of more than 2 trillion RMB – far larger than those of many entire countries!

Suzhou is one of the top 10 most attractive cities in China to foreign talents (according to The annual survey, “Amazing China: The Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Foreigners,” unveiled at the 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum) . The city has a permanent foreign population of almost 30,000, half of which are in the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) area, where XJTLU is located.

Established in February 1994, SIP is the first governmental cooperation project between China and Singapore. Since its establishment, SIP has made remarkable economic and social development achievements, including setting up a management system in line with international norms. As of 2021, 156 Fortune 500 companies from 19 countries and regions have established over 400 branches in Suzhou, most of which are in SIP.


Tiger Hill is located in the north-western corner of the city and is famous for its 36-metre-tall leaning pagoda. The 1,000 year-old Yunyan pagoda is surrounded by Suzhou-style bonsai trees as well as a museum, small scenic gardens and a temple.

In conclusion, Suzhou is a city that combines ancient and modern and provides a safe and convenient lifestyle with many excellent learning resources and sports facilities, a great choice of shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants, and a variety of bars and nightclubs.

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