Athletics & Recreation

Athletics & Recreation


▪The Gymnasium: The Gymnasium has basketball courts, volleyball courts, gymnastic rooms, and a fitness center where students can work out. Besides sports events, the Gymnasium also serves as the event site for concerts, galas, honors days, and commencements.

The West Gymnasium: One of the oldest buildings at Tsinghua, the West Gymnasium was also the earliest sport facilityhere. The gymnasium has basketball courts, handball courts, tracks, and an indoor swimming pool.

Zijing Tennis Court: It is next to the Zijing Playground in the student residential area.

The West Lake Swimming Pool: Located in the west side of the campus, the swimming pool is open to students, faculties, and their dependents— a great to-go place during the summer for leisure.

Zijing Sports Field, West Sports Field, North Sports Field, and East Sports Field: All these four fields feature standard playgrounds with track fields and soccer fields, where students and faculties and their dependents are free to hang out and work out. They can also reserve the fields for sports events and games.


Student Community Activity Center: It is located in the 8th and 31st buildings of the south district of the student residential area. Its facilities include a fitness room, a video room, practice rooms for musical instruments, a yoga studio, and a dance studio.

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