Communication Research in the Era of Neo-Globalisation: Reorientations, Challenges and Changing Contexts

11-15 July 2022

Beijing, China and wherever you are

IAMCR 2022 "no travel events"

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IAMCR members are invited to organise events and "watch parties" at their own institutions during the week of the conference. Get together with some colleagues to watch one or more IAMCR 2022 video sessions and add local content – hold a discussion, organise a panel, invite a guest speaker (local or via teleconference). If you're an IAMCR member in a low or middle income country, we can even help with expenses. Apply by 1 June. Read more.

Submit a Presentation of your Online Conference Paper (OCP)

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OCP conference papers are a great way to make your research accessible to your colleagues, and to survey new research and find out what other IAMCR members are doing. But if you want to supplement your paper with slides or a video you are invited to submit an optional presentation to accompany your conference paper.

Statement on IAMCR 2022 Chinese national activities

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Due to continuing complications related to COVID-19, in the host country and around the world, IAMCR 2022 remains, as initially planned, an online conference. Nevertheless, local organisers are proceeding with preparations for possible onsite face-to-face events for residents of mainland China. We will keep you updated about the status of those events.

OCP abstract books

Abstracts of the papers presented in the Online Conference Papers component of the 2022 annual conference are available here.

The abstracts of the papers presented in the Online Conference Papers component of the 2022 annual conference are available here. You can download and consult the abstracts of papers received by IAMCR's 33 thematic sections and working groups.

Plenary Sessions

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Join us for the conference opening, closing, and thematic plenary sessions (11- 15 July 2022). IAMCR 2022 will feature five plenary sessions: the opening and closing plenaries and three thematic plenary sessions during the conference week. Plenary sessions will be freely accessible online to all.

Communicating science for a better post-COVID world – An IAMCR pre-conference

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With COVID-19 threats gradually fading worldwide, the pandemic has brought much for us to reflect on regarding science, health, risk, and digital communication. This hybrid pre-conference event (in Suzhou and online) will feature keynote and panel presentations covering science communication solutions for a polarized world, public engagement with science through social media, theoretical development to reflect the different prevention strategies for COVID-19 across cultures and contextualises research opportunities raised by the pandemic.

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Notice regarding use of IAMCR 2022 conference papers and videos