OCP: Information and guidelines for authors

Guidelines for OCP papers

Abstract decisions were announced by Section and Working Groups on 31 March. Successful authors have now been invited to submit their OCP conference papers by 7 June.

Length, style, and format

  • OCP conference papers should be between 1,000 and 4,000 words (not including cover page and references).
  • IAMCR does not have association-wide guidelines regarding paper style.
  • If you have questions regarding style or length, please contact the heads of the section or working group that accepted your paper.

How to submit your paper

  • OCP conference papers must be submitted no later than 7 June 2022. They must be submitted using the online platform using the link sent with the invitation to submit.
  • One author of each OCP conference paper must be a member of IAMCR and pay a US$25 fee to submit a paper. The fee contributes to the cost of running the online conference.
  • A paper with several authors only has to pay one US$25 fee and only the person submitting the paper must register for the online conference and be a member of IAMCR.
  • Only IAMCR members will be able to fully participate in the online conference.
  • An author with two papers can submit both for a single US$25 fee.
  • Co-authors will be able to register for the online conference from 27 June. Registration for the online conference is free but you must be a member of IAMCR.
  • You must have your paper's ExOrdo ID number to submit. If you do not know it, you will find it in your ExOrdo account. An incorrect ID number may result in your paper being withdrawn from the conference.
  • All papers must be submitted in PDF format with a maximum file size of 3 MB.
  • Add a cover page to your paper with the title of the paper, your name, your institutional affiliation the name and affiliation of any co-author(s), the name of section or working group, and the ExOrdo submission ID number.

Presentation and dialogue

  • OCP conference papers will be accessible online from 4 July
  • Papers will be grouped into panels of 4 to 10 papers. Chairs and respondents will be assigned to each panel by the heads of the sections and working groups
  • Authors will be invited to read the other papers in their panel during the week of 4-11 July and to be ready to provide feedback to the other authors in the panel once the conference feedback channel opens on 11 July. Each author is expected to provide feedback to at least one other paper in the panel.
  • We will use the CCC feedback principle: Comments should be Constructive, Courteous, and Critical
  • Online Conference Papers is a paper-based format. You may optionally submit slides or a video presentation of your paper.
  • The Section and Working Group Live OCP Interactive Sessions will offer some opportunities to discuss papers presented to participating sections and working groups.
  • We encourage authors to reach out to colleagues for ongoing exchange and network-building. You can make use of the IAMCR members directory to contact other IAMCR members.

Still have questions?

See Online Conference Papers - Frequently Asked Questions


The deadline for submitting abstracts was 9 February.

Authors were referred to the respective call for papers of the section or working group they wished to submit their abstract to. See the calls for papers of all sections and working groups. Abstracts submitted via the IAMCR 2022 submission platform

Following the 9 February 2022 deadline to submit abstracts for Online Conference Papers (OCP), the heads of IAMCR’s sections and working groups evaluated the abstracts. They then informed the authors of abstract decisions by 31 March 2022. Successful authors have now been invited to submit OCP conference papers no later than 7 June 2022.

Guidelines for abstracts

Abstracts for Online Conference Papers were submitted to one of IAMCR’s 33 thematic sections and working groups.

Submitted abstracts were between 300 and 500 words and were submitted online at https://iamcr2022.exordo.com. Abstracts submitted by email were not accepted.

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