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Can’t go to IAMCR? Get a no travel grant and organise a no travel event!

IAMCR has a long tradition of offering travel grants to support members who would otherwise be unable to attend our annual conferences. With the global pandemic restricting travel to China and obliging IAMCR to hold its conference online, we can’t offer members a chance to travel to IAMCR 2022, but maybe we can help IAMCR go to you...

We are offering up to 24 no travel grants to IAMCR members in low and middle income countries who will organise IAMCR no travel events during IAMCR 2022.

Grants are only available to IAMCR members in low and middle income countries. If you're not in a low or middle income country, you are still welcome to organise a no travel event, of course, although IAMCR can't provide you with any funding. Write us at support2022 [at] iamcr.org (Subject: no%20travel%20event) and let us know what you are planning.

The deadline to apply is 1 June.

What is a no travel event?

no travel event is an event you organise during the week of IAMCR's online conference (11-15 July) at which you and some colleagues get together (socially distanced and in compliance with the recommendations of local health authorities) to watch one or more IAMCR 2022 video sessions and add some local content – hold a discussion, organise a panel, invite a guest speaker (local or via teleconference)… Your no travel event can run for a few hours or a few days and, because IAMCR video sessions will be recorded, you can schedule your event at times and dates convenient for you.

What is a no travel grant?

no travel grant is a grant of up to US$400 that can be used to pay for costs associated with your no travel event, including rental of a room and/or equipment, coffee and snacks, video documentation of the event, travel of a guest speaker, disposable medical masks, etc... Salaries or honorariums for organisers or speakers cannot be paid for with the grants.

Who can apply?

IAMCR members in low and middle income countries (list of low and middle income countries) who have been members of the association for at least one year (i.e. you must have been a member since at least 2021) can apply. This includes individual members as well as institutional members and their representatives.

If you're not in a low or middle income country, you are still welcome to organise a no travel event, of course, although IAMCR can't provide you with any funding.

What do you have to do?

To get a no travel grant you must:

  • commit to organising the no travel event
  • tell us what you want to do, how much you need from IAMCR to do it (we can provide up to $400), and how you plan to spend IAMCR's contribution
  • commit to sending us a report to share on the conference website with other IAMCR members. (Even better if you can send us some photos, video or audio!)
  • have access to a bank account able to receive international electronic funds transfers
  • agree to comply with IAMCR's Statement on safe and supportive community:

Statement on safe and supportive community - IAMCR is committed to creating a safe and supportive community of scholarship based on social and intellectual inclusivity and equity. Members are expected to conduct all their interactions within the Association, whether in person or on- line, with civility and respect, acknowledging others’ privacy and personal space and contributing to deliberations on shared concerns with openness to dissent and a commitment to reasoned argument. Insult, abuse, harassment, discrimination or coercion will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

How to apply

To apply you must complete the form that will be made available soon in this page. 


The deadline to apply is Wednesday 1 June. We'll give you an answer quickly so you'll have a month to plan your event.

You or your institution must have paid 2022 fees and you must be logged in to your own IAMCR member account to see and complete the form.
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